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Pokémon Crafts

Backpack Tags
Create shrinkable personalized tags for your backpack!

Chansey Canister
Chansey can be an easy decoration or use in a game of ring toss.

Easy Pokémon Collector Card Box
A quick and easy way to create your own personalized Pokémon Collector
Card Box.

Electrode Antenna Ball
Be the first one in your city to make one for your car or van!

Electrode Cookie Cake
A fun and easy way to decorate a cookie cake for a Pokémon party.

Fuse Bead Masterball
From the Pokémon craze comes an easy, fun craft!

Fuse Bead Pokéball
Another fun Pokémon craft.

Game Boy Color Pony Bead Project
This is one Game Boy that doesn't need batteries!

Game Boy Holder
A decorative case to make for your Game Boy.

A cute decoration to hang on a drawer knob or your bedroom door.

Pikachu Canister
Use the Pikachu Canister to hold your treasures!

Pikachu Fan
Use this idea for any Pokémon. It's made from cardboard!

Pikachu Origami
What a fun project to do! Decorate your room or give as a gift card!

Pikachu Origami Version 2
A variation of the Pikachu Origami craft.

Pin the Ember on Charmander
An easy game to make and play at a Pokémon birthday party.

Pokéball Pony Bead Project
From the craze of Pokémon comes the Pokéball beadie!

Let the children decorate their own Pokéboxers to wear!

Pokémon Card Booklet
Make this case to tote your cards and counters in style!

Pokémon Christmas Ornament
Make one for your tree and one for a friend.

Pokémon Collector Card Box
Pokémon Collector Card Boxes to hold your cards.

Pokémon Gift or Treat Bag
Guests can have fun and make their own goodie bags with Pokémon Mini
Craft Kits.

Pokémon Mini Craft Kits
Make these up before your Pokémon party.

Pokémon Paper Plate Clock Paper Plate Clock
It just doesn't get any easier than this!

Pokémon Pencil holder
A fun Pokémon Pencil holder to make for yourself.

Pokémon Ring Toss
Make this game for your Pokémon birthday party or to play any time!

This Poliwag makes a cute place setting at a birthday party.

Poliwhirl Canister
This Poliwhirl makes a great decoration for your room.

Staryu Ornament
This could be hung on a tree or in your room.

Trading Card Folder - New
What a fun folder to make for school!

Voltorb and Electrode Fan
Let these reversible Pokémon Fans keep you cool!

Woodsies Pokémon Clock
Use the Pokémon Woodsies to create your own clock!

More Pokémon fun:

Woodsies Crafts including Pokémon designs!

Pokemon BINGO games!

Kids Domain Pokémon Fun.

Pokémon Craft Links

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